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Have you heard of the Hollywood Stars Secret using the Secret RF Microneedeling device?

With age, the skin no longer feels so fresh, plump, radiant and firm.
A Hollywood glow is missing. Are you already a microneedeling fan but do you want an even better result that will make your skin look wrinkle-free, smoother, more even, radiant, firmer and fresher?

How does it work ?

The smaller and flatter. Enlarged pores become finer and smaller. After the first treatment there is an improvement of about 40-50%, after the second treatment another 20%. More than 3 treatments are almost never necessary

Tighter skin

The skin becomes visible and noticeably firmer after just 1 to 3 treatments. The effect lasts for about 1 to 1.5 years.

What are the risks or side effects?

The method of treatment is very safe. There are no risks. The skin may be slightly and temporarily reddened immediately after treatment. In rare cases, the skin may be slightly swollen temporarily. The swelling goes away with cool. With very sensitive skin, small, superficial ‘scratches’ can occur, which heal on their own within a few hours to days.

What should be considered after the treatment?

As long as the skin is red, direct sunbathing, sauna and solarium should be avoided and sun protection SPF 50 should be applied.

The price for a treatment of your choice is CHF 350

A zone means e.g.

  • Face or
  • Neck or
  • decollete

Price 45 minutes 350 CHF
Triple subscription CHF 1000

RF Microneedeling
Price in CHF
Face or Neck or decollete
Triple subscription
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RF Microneedeling
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