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For the face

Age or sun or pigment spots (hyperpigmentation) are caused by increased, chronic exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, sunbeds, hormonal changes or taking medication. The face, the décolleté and the backs of the hands are particularly affected.

Pigment spots are harmless. However, if removal is desired for cosmetic reasons, we recommend laser therapy with our latest certified Q-switched / Nd YAG laser. This is a low-pain, low-complication and tissue-sparing method. The skin can be easily anesthetized with a cream.


What should be considered after treatment?

After treatment, the skin is slightly red and swollen. The feeling is like a mild sunburn. This is gone the next day and immediately make-up can be applied. After the treatment, the spots turn red to dark brown. This discoloration dissolves spontaneously after about a week in the face or three weeks on the hands. Bandages or patches are not necessary. There are no wounds. Depending on the skin type, the desired result can be achieved in 3-5 treatments. With our latest laser, we have often removed the spots after 1-2 treatments.

After laser treatment, direct sunbathing up to 4 weeks is to be avoided.


Are the spots coming back?

Once removed stains should not come back with enough sunscreen. To prevent stains from forming in other areas, you should regularly use UV protection 50.


For the hands and the decollete ‘

We recommend the triple hand and décolleté rejuvenation: stain removal with our latest certified Q-switched / Nd YAG laser, Thermage for tightening and mesotherapy for hydration. The treatment requires three appointments according to individual program.

Entfernung von Hyperpigmentierungen / dunklen Flecken
Entfernung von Hyperpigmentierungen / dunklen Flecken
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Removal of hyperpigmentation / dark spots
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