Permanent, painless hair removal with Dioden laser

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Permanent, painless hair removal with Dioden laser

Sensational, hairless, smooth skin. Test the permanent, painless hair removal with the dioden laser

The unique advantages of our laser device

  • High effectiveness against facial hair and body, also with blonde and white hair and / or darker skin types
  • Pain-free in combination with contactless cold air

What exactly is the SHR method?

SHR stands for rapid hair removal. For many years the most successful technology of permanent hair removal. In this system the experience of laser technology with the advantages of the pulse light method were combined and assembled into a system that achieves the best results with most gentle and painless treatment. Even blonde or white hair partly that were previously difficult or impossible to remove, can now be treated. The new Gleittechnik “inMotion” represents a breakthrough in permanent hair removal with light. The treatment is much more pleasant than in conventional systems, the skin is better protected.

Hair Removal with Dioden laser: How does it work?

The laser is a pure light that emits energy. The hair absorbs this energy and passes it to the hair roots on, which are responsible for hair growth. These are destroyed, so they do not grow back.

What is the advantage of Dioden laser vs. IPL?

A laser is not comparable to a IPL epilation. The laser works much more targeted and efficient, thereby achieving more effective results. The time interval between treatment sessions is the laser between 4 and 8 weeks, approximately 10-12 sessions are required. For contrast, the IPL treatment appointments usually monthly instead, which means that a hair removal with IPL for a long term is more expensive, and secondly there is not enough energy used, the hair permanently to destroy. At least 15 sessions are required with IPL.IPL can be painful and the skin can be burned. 10% of all people do not respond to IPL hair removal at all.

Is the hair removal Dioden laser permanent?

Laser hair removal causes the hair follicles including completely destroyed and renewed growth will be permanently prevented. Permanently means 10 years (+/-). After 10 years hair free, some hairs may re-grow. However, they are less than before, thinner and  2-3 treatments will enable to have a hair free body for many years again.

How many treatments are needed and for how long?

It depends on many factors, including the affected area of ​​the body, color, number and tightness of hair, amount of time between treatments etc. Around 10-12 treatments on average are usually sufficient to remove the treatment area 90% of the hair, though impressive on the first weeks results may be visible.

As treatment intervals every 4 – 8 weeks is recommended for the areas of the body. This ensures that even the hairs at the time of the previous meeting (s) were retired, have grown and now can be eliminated. If the client skips appointments, does not shave the hairs at the recommended day before the treatment or the intervals are too long, the hairs may grow back and more treatment sessions at the end are required.

We can not guarantee results from a legal point of view as the success depends on the behavior of the client and many other factors that we can not influence.

Is the treatment uncomfortable?

No! At first, it can come at the skin site on which the laser head rests only to a cold feeling, similar to the touch of ice. This is caused by the cooling system. Subsequently, the laser is activated. Either you feel nothing or at most a slight pull, comparable to plucking a hair using tweezers. If desired, a local anesthetic cream can be applied prior to treatment.

Can the laser hair removal at (solar) tanned skin or dark skin types apply?

Yes! The laser allows the use of long laser pulses that do not attack the tanned skin or dark skin and expose to any risk. Sun and summer are thus not incompatible with a Dioden laser hair removal. Furthermore, the new super-pulse system that is integrated in the Dioden laser device, darker and tanned skin allowed with even less risk and treat painless.

What should be considered prior to treatment?

1 week before treatment sauna visits and intense sun exposure should be avoided. The hair must be from 8 weeks not plucked or waxed before treatment. Shaving please stopp doing one day before the treatment and drink 5-7 days prior to treatment.

If you go to the sun or a tanning salon before or between treatments, please let us know at least 3 days before your next treatment, so that we can re-determine the optimal treatment parameters for your new skin types. Only an optimal treatment is guaranteed.

What must be considered after the treatment?

After each session a slight reddening of the skin in the treated area may be noticed in a few cases that lasts more than 72 hours. This is an indication of the effectiveness of treatment.  A moisturizing and soothing ointment shall be applied. Once the skin of the treatment site has calmed down sunbathing is possible. The natural sun protection of the skin is greatly reduced by the intense light treatment. Wear at least 1 week a sun block (SPF 30 to 50).

The hair falls out after only 1 to 2 weeks. Do not pluck the hairs from shaving.

PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL: For permanent, painless hair removal with Dioden Laser

10-12 sessions at 6-8 weeks apart

Prices in CHF
Upper lip / chin
Sideburns / Cheeks
Whole arms
Upper arms
Full back
Lower back
Upper back
Bikini Brazil
Bikini Line
Full Legs
Lower legs
Upper legs
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Permanent, painless hair removal with Dioden laser
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The hair removal with the dioden laser was pleasant and absolutely painless - ingenious.

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