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Fat away with cold was yesterday – Now new from the USA:

Permanent, non-invasive, painless and fast fat removal with Lipo laser (low level technology)

  • In just 30 minutes, up to 24% of fat cells are permanently destroyed and up to 10 cm body volume is reduced. For 100% fat removal we recommend 4 treatments every 1-2 weeks.
  • Final results after 12 weeks
  • Ideal for ALL body areas and ALL skin types
  • No pain or side effects, skin-friendly procedure
  • Body shaping of up to 3 different zones within 1 session possible
  • Metabolism is sustainably accelerated by the heat
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin production, sustainable tightening of the tissue
  • Reduction of cellulite and organ skin
  • Very good results, 99% customer satisfaction

Please note: This treatment is NOT laser lipolysis NOR lipo suction that are both invasive treatments and must be carried out by a medical physician.

Why should you treat yourself with Lipo Laser?

Lipo-Laser is currently the newest, non-invasive, painless and effective method for the sustainable destruction of fat cells. Figure-shaping and treatment of stubborn love handles that do not want to disappear despite diet and exercise.


With the lipo-laser treatment, it is no longer necessary to go to the surgeon for liposuction. Thanks to the innovative and clinically proven application method, stubborn fat pads can be effectively, permanently and safely reduced at any point, as well as forming various areas within a single session. The body is shaped and modeled. With only one 30-minute treatment, up to 24% of the fat cells in the treatment area are destroyed over the long term – without any needles and surgical intervention. Due to the barely noticeable heat, the metabolism is also brought to full speed and the skin is tightened, cellulite is reduced. There are no side effects, immediately after the application you can resume your usual activity.


Is the treatment suitable for you?

A Lipo Laser application can not replace or be claimed for weight loss. The treatment is therefore particularly suitable for customers with persistent problem areas despite healthy diet and sports. The number of fat cells in an adult’s body usually remains constant. Let’s lose weight – e.g. Through healthy nutrition and exercise, the fat cells shrink, but their work does not diminish. By means of a Lipo-Laser treatment, the fat cells are permanently destroyed and degraded.


In the laser treatment, the body is found by gentle modeling to a beautified silhouette. Overweight people with a body mass index (BMI) over 30 are advised against treatment. Non-invasive laser treatment is suitable for all skin types and involves virtually no risks.

Lipo Laser

How is the Lipo Laser applied to you?

The Lipo laser works with concentrated light at a wavelength of 650 nm. This wavelength is precisely adjusted to the structure of adipose tissue and thus acts specifically on the fat deposits. The laser beams heat the fat cells to 42 – 47 degrees Celsius and destroy them, without damaging the surrounding tissue. In addition to the destruction of the fat cells, the warming stimulates collagen and elastin production, which comes close to tightening the skin. The dissolved fat cells are gradually degraded via the lymphatic system and metabolism and transported out of the body.


Before and after pictures

Fat gone on the double chin after just 1 treatment

Fat gone on the double chin after just 1 treatment

When can you expect the result?

The destroyed fat cells are gradually broken down by the body. It takes some time until this process is completed. First results are visible after 6 weeks. After 12 weeks, the degradation of the dissolved adipose tissue is complete and the optimal result is achieved.

What risks and side effects do you expect?

Because no surgery and no side effects take place, there is no risk risks.


Are you still unsure if you should get a treatment?

Before the treatment, we offer a consultation, in which the individual wishes and ideas of the customer are carefully addressed. We inform about the exact treatment process, talk about expected results and answer open questions. As with any laser treatment, the customer should not be exposed to intense sunlight a few days before. It is also important that the skin is intact and healthy on the body zones to be treated.


Get in contact with us and arrange a personal appointment. So we can respond individually to your wishes and questions.

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Lipo-Laser Treatment
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Lipo-Laser Treatment
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Dijana
Super Ergebnis - schon nach der ersten Behandlung

Seit Jahren kämpfe ich mit meinem Übergewicht. Von der Körperform her, habe ich einen grossen Körperfettanteil in den Beinen und im Pobereich. Ich war auch schon bei einer Ernährungsberatung und auch dort sagte man mir ich ernähre mich richtig. Nun mache ich die Lipolaser Behandlung und ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen. Ich fühle mich bei Nikki auch als eine übergewichtige Person sehr sehr wohl und sehr gut aufgehoben.

 by Elisabeth
Lipo Laserbehandlung

Angenehme Behandlung und vor allem schon nach den ersten Malen erfolgreich! Bereits 23.5cm weniger! Lässt hoffen, dass der Körper weiter so reagiert!

 by melicannizzaro

Ich bin sehr zufrieden und ich habe beim ersten Mal direkt nach der Behandlung 9cm und beim zweiten Mal 14cm Umfang am Bauch verloren. Der Körperfettanteil ist messbar stark gesunken.

 by Sara
Lipo-Laser super Ergebnisse

Unglaublich ich habe sehr gute messbare Ergebnisse schon nach der ersten Behandlung, ich empfehle es auf jeden Fall.
Die Ergebnisse: Umfangsreduktion von mehreren Zentimetern, Körperfettanteilreduktion von bis zu 10% und es ist absolut schmerzfrei. Ich mache weiter

 by angel

Kann den Lipolaser nur empfehlen, Hautbild sofort straffer, sofort anhaltende Umfangreduktion, sehr angenehme und absolut schmerzfreie Bahandlung. In Kombination mit Muskeltraining hat sich mein Körperfettanteil sehr schnell nachhaltig verringert. Bin sehr zufrieden und komme gerne wieder.

 by Erna

Ich habe die schmerzfreie Behandlung mit dem Lipo-Laser getestet und habe sofort nach der ersten Behandlung 5cm weniger Umfang am Bauch gehabt. Ich bin begeistert von der kompetenten Beratung und guten Behandlung. Ich komme wieder und werde die Health & Beauty Lounge weiter empfehlen.

 by Natascha
150% Success

WOW! I've never had such a professional and comprehensive consultation with the latest devices. The results are very good. The instant effect was incredible. THANK YOU

 by Bianca
Entspannte Atmosphäre

Das Erlebnis war sehr angenehm. Die Atmosphäre entspannt. Direkt nach der schmerzfreien Behandlung mit dem Lipo-Laser hatte ich schon eine Umfangsreduktion von mehreren Zentimetern. Was ihr verbessern könnt ? Nichts, alles ist bestens.


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